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What a hell of a night

My sciatica is on full blast, I think I just have to admit to myself now that the Chiro sessions aren’t working. He’s a lovely man and I know he wants to help, but I’m still in the same amount, if not more, pain. Last night I ended up awake all night, due to the pain deciding to park its ass in my foot. So I have the same endless shooting pain/burning travelling up and down my leg, but now my foot feels like it’s being hit by a brick repeatedly too.

I had to postphone the MRI because of a delay with my health insurance card, but I’m getting it next week, Then I’ll know for sure if anything has improved like he said. But I doubt it 😦

Then, it’s back to the Orthopaedic/surgery route.

I wish I could say that I’m dealing with this okay, but honestly – I’m really, really struggling. Dealing with the PTSD issues daily is one thing, but with this too and also the terrifying thought that it may be forever…. it’s eating away at any hope I had left.

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Gotta keep moving

Trying to get my macros in check again after a bit of a carb overdose these past few months. I’m vegan so if I don’t track my carbs. I can go overboard very easily. I’m down to a 50/30/20 split now but aiming for 40/30/30 – I’ll see how things go. I’m really just eating less convenience food such as Cliff Peanut Bars (my baby!) and more real food. Although I’ve come across the Trek Peanut Butter Bar which is awesome, as it’s Gluten, Dairy and Sugar Free 🙂 Other than that, I generally eat pretty well, I just eat alot! I haven’t eaten chocolate since I was 15 like… Yep, true story.

I’m back to giving Sunwarrior protein a go because it’s so yummy, despite the bloating issues last time. I react to some food quite badly when it comes to my tummy, so I can’t be certain it was the protein and I can’t see anything adverse in it that would have caused it.  Fingers crossed on that score! I made protein cookies today with it too, mixed with oats and almond milk…it was yum yum yum.

Hoping training will start again next week after my next chiro apt. My second MRI is next week too, but I may need to postphone it as I’m getting a new tattoo on Friday…not sure if the MRI would heat that up :/ ? …the internet is telling me bad stories!

The aim is to start feeling leaner as soon as possible, because I’m sick of feeling like a blimp. I can’t control the training side of things right now, but I can control my diet. So lets see how it goes.

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Quick update

So I’ve had 2 further sessions with the chiro and he thinks I’ll just need one more.

We’ll see how it goes, but I’m hoping I’ll be back under the bar before Christmas.

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Chiropractor Appointment

Went to a chiro recommended to me last night and got some pretty amazing news.. I found out that there’s a bulge on my MRI that NO-ONE has paid attention to, which is the actual source of my pain and not the degenerated disc, and it CAN be fixed! It’s a long term injury that wore down the disc and then a blunt force injury a few years ago that led to an annular tear and also to the disc bulging eventually on to my sciatic nerve when I started correcting my deadlift form. I went in unable to lift my leg higher than a 45degree angle and came out with it at 90degrees – even higher than my better leg! He said he thinks he’ll have me fixed up and back lifting by Xmas 🙂

I’m trying to be realistic just in case it doesn’t work, but it’s the best news I’ve had in years.

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Goodbye squat rack, hello orthopaedic surgeon

To say that last session was a bad idea, would be an understatement.

I wound up in serious pain, to the point where my leg actually locked out so much one night that I couldn’t move it for about 5minutes.  So I decided ‘fuck that neuroscience shit, fuck the physio bullshit’ and I went to my GP.  My GP is amazing and was astounded I had left it over a year to tell him about my back and my scan results; I guess I’d been pulled into the ‘physios are always best’ opinions that had been thrown at me and hadn’t thought to myself ‘who is best qualified to refer me for the best treatment?’.  My GP straightaway referred me to an orthopaedic surgeon and told me I could be a candidate for surgery, but that there are also options such as nerve block injections that may help me.  As I didn’t have health insurance, it was going to take a few months to get my appointment – even though he put it through as ‘urgent’, but thankfully my (amazing) boyfriend came to the rescue and added me to his company insurance so I can go private.

So I’m not too sure what to do training wise now.  For once, I’m actually going to listen and not do any lower body training – mainly because I can hardly walk so it wouldn’t be possible even if I tried.  That said, I can still do upper body conditioning sessions and when the pain eases up I should be able to use the crosstrainer again.

It’s shit that I have to quit doing what I love, but what’s the point in deadlifting 100kg one day if you can’t walk the next?

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