Gotta keep moving

Trying to get my macros in check again after a bit of a carb overdose these past few months. I’m vegan so if I don’t track my carbs. I can go overboard very easily. I’m down to a 50/30/20 split now but aiming for 40/30/30 – I’ll see how things go. I’m really just eating less convenience food such as Cliff Peanut Bars (my baby!) and more real food. Although I’ve come across the Trek Peanut Butter Bar which is awesome, as it’s Gluten, Dairy and Sugar Free 🙂 Other than that, I generally eat pretty well, I just eat alot! I haven’t eaten chocolate since I was 15 like… Yep, true story.

I’m back to giving Sunwarrior protein a go because it’s so yummy, despite the bloating issues last time. I react to some food quite badly when it comes to my tummy, so I can’t be certain it was the protein and I can’t see anything adverse in it that would have caused it.  Fingers crossed on that score! I made protein cookies today with it too, mixed with oats and almond milk…it was yum yum yum.

Hoping training will start again next week after my next chiro apt. My second MRI is next week too, but I may need to postphone it as I’m getting a new tattoo on Friday…not sure if the MRI would heat that up :/ ? …the internet is telling me bad stories!

The aim is to start feeling leaner as soon as possible, because I’m sick of feeling like a blimp. I can’t control the training side of things right now, but I can control my diet. So lets see how it goes.

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